Protect yourself from sextortion

Ohio State’s Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) supports victims and survivors of all sexual misconduct, even if it occurs online or off campus. This includes sextortion, a form of blackmail where individuals request explicit images and then threaten to share those images unless the sender meets demands of financial benefit or more images. Sextortion can affect people of all genders and all ages.

Sextortion is not only a crime, but could also constitute sexual exploitation under Ohio State’s non-discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct policy. On campus. Off campus. Online. It doesn’t matter where sexual misconduct occurs, Ohio State’s Office of Institutional Equity supports victims and survivors. Learn how to best protect yourself. Read more.

Protect yourself by being mindful of everything you share electronically and assume that anything and everything shared electronically could become public.

If you or someone you know becomes a victim of sextortion or any other sexual scam, we suggest taking these steps:

  • Do not engage with the blackmailer
  • Save all communications
  • Contact law enforcement and the FBI (1-800-CALL-FBI)
    • Report on-campus incidents to the Ohio State University Police Division by calling 614-292-2121
    • Report off-campus incidents to your local law enforcement department

OIE can also connect the victim with supportive resources and options for resolution. To connect with OIE:

If you become aware of anyone engaging in these acts, please make a report to OIE and law enforcement. Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, and there is no place for sexual misconduct at Ohio State.