Voluntary self-identification of disability

Ohio State is committed to non-discrimination, equal opportunity and affirmative action, and the university adheres to the laws and regulations that govern these areas.

Review new hiring guidelines by Sept. 1

Dear Colleagues,

Recognizing and implementing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements supports the recruitment of a talented and diverse candidate pool for hiring the most qualified individual for the role. 

Keep cool, stay safe

As the heatwave rolls across Buckeye country, please take a moment to consider how you can keep your program participants and staff cool and safe. Children, especially those who are active in hot conditions, are at higher risk of heat-related illness.

Students, employees required to take sexual misconduct prevention training

Every year Ohio State requires students and employees to complete online training designed to help them recognize, prevent and report sexual misconduct, and to educate them about resources to help those who might have experienced sexual misconduct. 

All students and employees were notified by email of this requirement in early October 2021.