Religious Accommodations

The law prohibits discrimination based on religion, requiring employers and educational institutions to provide reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs, practices and observances. 

OIE Religious Accommodations Guide

Students: Instructors shall provide students with reasonable alternative accommodations with regard to examinations and other academic requirements with respect to students’ sincerely held religious beliefs and practices. Learn more about the Ohio State University Policy on Religious Accommodations. 

Employees: Employers shall provide reasonable religious workplace accommodations. This may involve a change in the work environment, requirements, or in the way tasks or responsibilities are customarily done that enables an employee to participate in their religious practice or belief without undue hardship on the conduct of our business or operation. Visit the Human Resources webpage and navigate to the “Religious Accommodation” tab to find the Religious Accommodation Request.

If you would like to request other religious accommodations, email or call 614-247-5838 (OIE mainline). 

Examples include but are not limited to: 

  • Accommodations in residence life
  • Alternate exam or work schedules 
  • Space for rituals
  • Exceptions to dress codes (e.g., hijab, religious jewelry)
  • Dietary needs
  • Vaccine requirements
  • Grooming practices (e.g., hair, facial hair, etc.)

If you believe you were denied reasonable religious accommodations or you experience harassment or discrimination based on your religion, submit an incident report