Support for Pregnancy and Related Conditions

Every pregnancy is different and comes with different needs.

The law prohibits discrimination based on sex, including discrimination based on pregnancy or related conditions. Additionally providing support for individuals experiencing pregnancy or related conditions aligns with our shared values of Care and Compassion, and Inclusion and Equity.

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) is a centralized resource for students and employees seeking supportive measures for pregnancy and related conditions. OIE Civil Rights Intake Coordinators can help to identify and request appropriate individualized supportive measures. Student Life Disability Services and/or Integrated Absence Management and Vocational Services implement supportive measures and accommodations when there is a medical need or complication. 

Supportive measures for pregnancy and related conditions may include:

  1. Excused absences due to pregnancy or related condition;
  2. Access to lectures online if available;
  3. Opportunity to make up field/lab work;
  4. Rescheduling of tests or exams
  5. Breaks during class or work, as needed
  6. Additional time to complete assignments
  7. Breaks and access to lactation space

Instructors and supervisors: Remember, providing supportive measures is a matter of law. Additionally, when a Civil Rights Intake Coordinator contacts you to set up supportive measures for pregnancy or related conditions, you have an opportunity to demonstrate care and compassion. Still, connect with the Civil Rights Intake Coordinator if any supportive measure would fundamentally alter a course or result in an undue burden; together, you can establish a plan.