EEO Self-Assessment

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) self-assessment tool is designed to help supervisors and department leaders review their college or unit-level employment policies, procedures, and practices through the lens of EEO requirements.

EEO self-assessments can be used to proactively review college or unit-level policies, procedures, or practices to ensure alignment with EEO requirements. The tool can also be used to evaluate the impact of a policy, procedure, or practice on a specific employment action that has already occurred. 

The tool allows for the assessment of six key areas of employment including:  

  • Recruitment
  • Selection and Hiring 
  • Promotions
  • Performance Management 
  • Compensation
  • Culture and Environment 

Examples of policies, procedures, or practices that can be proactively reviewed to ensure adherence to EEO requirements include: 

  • Patterns of Administration
  • College or unit-level selection and hiring procedures 
  • College or unit-level performance review procedures
  • Discipline standards
  • A proposed edit to unit-level procedures. 

Examples of historical employment actions that can be reviewed to ensure EEO requirements were adhered to include:

  • The recruitment, selection, and hiring processes used to fill a specific vacancy
  • The application of performance management guidance to a specific group of employees or department
  • The development of the initial offer of compensation for a new hire 

Colleges and units are encouraged to proactively complete the self-assessment on an annual basis. Results do not have to be shared with OIE, but OIE is available for consultation. However, if a specific concern is raised with regard to EEO, such concerns must be referred to the Office of Institutional Equity for review. 

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